The recipe of sun, wind and rain

We offer 3 kinds of juice: apple, apple with chokeberry and pear juice. Differently from other producers our juices are natural and without any synthetic additives or sugar.

Because of modern technologies, the process of juice producing and packing is highly controlled. Juices are pasteurized for 24 seconds in the 78-82 degrees of Celsius. Then juices are filled into bag-in-box containers and are left to be fermented.
In this way juices retain the most of the vitamins and minerals.

To produce juice we only use a high quality and sweet type apples, which are grown in Azuozeriai village gardens. Apples are selected with a high precision and washed before the pressing.

We trust the quality of our product as we control the process from the very beginning to the end. We grow and pick the apples ourselves, we produce juices and we sell them. That is why we are fully responsible for the quality of our product.